Yes, Everyone Needs Eye Cream! have to start using eye cream! If your mother never told you about eye cream, buy her one too! (...and let your man share with you too!) I'm not normally this bossy... but it's now my official rule for any age or gender. Especially if you are getting married, all soon-to-be Mrs. must start this daily routine today. Here is why you need to use this additional product day and night...we age the quickest around our eyes because the skin is thinner so fine lines begin to formulate. Dryness occurs which causes our makeup to crease. Our poor diets, lack of sleep, and genetics can give us dark circles. While you may have a facial moisturizer already an eye cream is still necessary. It has different ingredients and different concerns to target.

There is no need to invest your entire month's salary for a quality eye cream... and besides you can now get an Opal for half of what I paid :) try a few of my favorites first before breaking the bank: Avocado Eye Cream by Kiehl's or Contour Cream by Caudalie  and if price is no issue for you, try Chanel or La Mer.

Recently, I began using CytoCell Dark Circle Corrective Eye Cream by Kate Somerville . It has Vitamin C, Eyeseryl, and light diffusing pearls to target my main concern of dark circles. I am hoping I can be part of the 75% who will see results in this area. I have noticed a difference with the light diffusing pearls so I am pretty sure I am a believer in the product. It will also help hydrate and firm my skin with Peptide P-199 and Milk Peptide Complex.

I'd love to hear about your success stories after using an eye cream for the first time!! (Tell me all about it on Twitter!)

Priscilla Francine

Beauty From the Vine-Caudalie

I remember my first training on Caudalie skincare...My first impression of the company was dreamy because of their Spa's. I've been to Istanbul, and wish I would have been able to visit Hotel Les Ottomans. It's OK, there is always my trip to Paris (...we are going one day!) or New York where I can indulge in this luxurious experience.

...oh, and Spain would be great too!!!

Cute Fact about the brands name: Caudalie is an oenological French term that quantifies the duration of a wine's flavor in your mouth. One second of time equals one Caudalie. The finer the wine, the longer its flavor lingers on the palate - thus meriting more Caudalies!

If you love grapes, wine, or are looking for a paraben free product, Caudalie is perfect for you! Here are a few products I would recommend to start with:

1.Beauty Elixir-MY FAVORITE product from Caudalie-why? use it and you will agree! It freshens up the skin after a long day, and it's scent is intoxicating so it's like having a great perfume too!
2. Pulpe Vitaminee Eye and Lip Cream-why I like it? because an eye cream is the perfect solution to dry lips, this reminds me to hydrate around my lips more often so they stay firm as my skin ages.
3. Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Fluid SPF 15-why I like it? because it is oil free, protects from sun damage, and has a little something special in it to illuminate my skin.
4. Instant Foaming Cleanser-why I like it? besides the texture, the scent was lovely...hmmm! It cleans without leaving the skin dry because there is no soap in it.

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