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Yes, Everyone Needs Eye Cream!

Girlfriends...you have to start using eye cream! If your mother never told you about eye cream, buy her one too! (...and let your man share with you too!) I'm not normally this bossy... but it's now my official rule for any age or gender. Especially if you are getting married, all soon-to-be Mrs. must start this daily routine today. Here is why you need to use this additional product day and night...we age the quickest around our eyes because the skin is thinner so fine lines begin to formulate. Dryness occurs which causes our makeup to crease. Our poor diets, lack of sleep, and genetics can give us dark circles. While you may have a facial moisturizer already an eye cream is still necessary. It has different ingredients and different concerns to target.

There is no need to invest your entire month's salary for a quality eye cream... and besides you can now get an Opal for half of what I paid :) try a few of my favorites first before breaking the bank: Avocado Eye Cream by Kiehl's or Contour Cream by Caudalie  and if price is no issue for you, try Chanel or La Mer.

Recently, I began using CytoCell Dark Circle Corrective Eye Cream by Kate Somerville . It has Vitamin C, Eyeseryl, and light diffusing pearls to target my main concern of dark circles. I am hoping I can be part of the 75% who will see results in this area. I have noticed a difference with the light diffusing pearls so I am pretty sure I am a believer in the product. It will also help hydrate and firm my skin with Peptide P-199 and Milk Peptide Complex.

I'd love to hear about your success stories after using an eye cream for the first time!! (Tell me all about it on Twitter!)

Priscilla Francine

Kate Somerville Skincare

I took the plunge this month to invest in some NEW skincare. My replenishment purchase was long over due, but I wanted to make the right choice. Exfolikate (seen here and here) is one product that has healed my skin over and over again, so I decided to try out Kate Somerville's Skincare line. While packaging and marketing can get the best of us, a quality product sells itself-because it works. This is one tip you want to keep in mind if you’re in the marketing or advertising field, customers will appreciate it!

Finding a moisturizer that can target oily skin, acne AND still be anti-aging is very unique. In fact, I have never seen any moisturizer meet such requirements until the Oil Free Moisturizer by Kate Somerville. I am really happy with this purchase, and the price point did not break the bank at only $65.

Press down and receive the perfect amount!
The tag line from the Kate Somerville site is my exact mindset, so I had to share it:

"Do you suffer from moisture-phobia? People with naturally oily skin often steer clear of products that they fear will exacerbate the problem. Oil Free Moisturizer eliminates that apprehension with its unique ability to hydrate, keep oil production in check, and provide anti-aging benefits, as well! Formulated without oils, parabens, or fragrances, this lightweight cream leaves nothing behind but smooth, supple skin."
  • Pepha®-Tight is designed to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Red Marine Algae helps improve elasticity.
  • Sepilift™ is formulated to firm and smooth.
  • Sugar-based moisturizers assist in limiting water loss.

A toner is like my "rinse" cycle after "washing" my face. My only concern with this product is the size, I go through large bottles very quickly, so 5 oz is not much for me (it is very travel friendly). If you have acne scars, the Clarifying Treatment Toner will help diminish using a natural exfoliator called Phytic Acid.

A clear complexion is the Anti Bac Clearing Lotions claim, and I am already seeing results a week into my new routine. The advanced Liposomes in this bottle, will protect your skin from environmental aggressors, alleviate dryness, and prevent excess water loss. I only apply where I know I break out, or where I see blemishes. It tingles a bit...maybe because it's penetrating my pores? The tingle lasts a few seconds, and is nothing to be worried about.

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My very own "Special Issue"

I randomly pick up magazines while at the grocery store. I keep saying I am going to get a subscription, and while it will save me money I prefer to pick and choose what magazine and issue I want to read. Obviously, when I saw Allure's October "Special Issue" on the Best of Beauty, I bought it! So here is my own "Special Issue" of the week. A girl can dream to be a Beauty Editor of a fancy magazine-right????

1. Dallas-Benefit 2. Media Lipstick-MAC 3. Waking up in Vegas-Deborah Lippmann nail color

Intense Exfolikate-Kate Somerville

5. Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil-Organix 6. They're Real! Mascara-Benefit

7.235 Split Fibre Allover Eye Brush-MAC 8. Feathers-FAUX Lash