No Rules

How can October be here already?? It's been Fall for a few days now, and yet it's been the hottest it's been all Summer today (whew and yesterday!) I'm ready for a snuggle-y season of sweaters, dark nail colors, and cinnamon scents. Hmmm... but first I am going to Hawaii!! I'm ready for Fall, but I guess I'm still holding onto Summer too. So why can't you hold onto some of your Summer products and start to introduce your Fall colors to your makeup bag? It can be done.. because really there are no rules when it comes to makeup.

1. Moisturizing Lipstick by Radiant Cosmetics {Park Avenue} $18.00
When you are spending your hard earned money on your necessities {and your wants} wouldn't it be nice to know your also helping another woman in need? Help stop human trafficking with your purchases at Radiant Cosmetics. Learn more here. For the Fall season I will be rocking these lovely deep burgundy and red tones. Most of the time I will skip the lip liner so it has a more stained, daytime appropriate look, and than bring a gloss in my purse for a touch-up halfway through my day. (Another neat thing: The lid has a clear circle on top, allowing you to see into the tube-great for a makeup artist's kit!)

2. Diorskin Nude {Natural Glowing Foundation SPF 15} $48.00
This formula feels like a tinted moisturizer, and while it offers a sheer coverage I was able to achieve a medium coverage by layering it where needed with a Full Coverage brush (see below). My skin is a bit on the oily side, so I noticed I had a dewy look after a longer work day (it was a super hot that day too). I was a bit surprised since I had used a primer and set it with a powder...I probably will use this on days where I will have a lighter work load, or maybe when I am relaxing on a day off. I would recommend it for those with drier skin types! There are a lot of color options, so it will be easy to find the right shade. Also, it has rose water and minerals in it-so its good for your skin too!

3. Eye Makeup Remover {Balms Away} by The Balm $19.99
Makeup remover in a tin!? Yep!! I'm pretty excited to finish this product just so I can re-use the tin for bobby pins or elastic bands. I'm impressed with this weird looking, kinda like lard, balm. All you have to do is apply (a small amount) product onto the eye and lightly rub in a circular motion. After, I take a cotton ball and clean up the residue. There is no product left on the face afterwards, so you don't feel like you need to cleanse all over again with a facial cleanser. It's a lot easier than it looks, and its the perfect remover right before bed. I'm hooked!

4. Bare Escentuals Ready Bronzer {The High Dive} $24.00 5. Highlighting Blush by NARS {Albatross} $28.00
I dust on my bronzer pretty much everyday (yes, Summer and Winter)'s just how you apply it. I have a heavier hand in the Summer, and a softer approach in the Winter. Whether it's to contour with blush or a quick fix to give my skin some color all on its own its a must in my bag. I still love my Warmth, but having a pressed option makes traveling much easier. There are still no binders or waxes, Bare Escentuals used carrot oil to press this little guy!! I love the look combined with a highlighter, and you can't go wrong with a beautiful golden tone to your skin found in Albatross. In the Summer it adds a nice sun-kissed look, but in the winter is helps dry-chapped skin have a healthy glow. On lazy days, I will use Albatross as my eyeshadow too!

6. Kiehl's {Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+} $38.00-$61.00 7. Rembrandt Intense Stain {Stain Dissolving Strips}$22.99
While in Mexico, I was very thankful I had a wonderful sun guard for the face. My face was still white and bright when we returned (yeah no sun spots!!) Unfortunately I was not as kind to the rest of my body... anyways, my hubby uses it everyday too! It is extremely lightweight so I don't feel sticky and I don't mind layering on my foundation with this product. It doesn't really have a scent either, so you barely noticed it during the day. This will be a staple for every trip from now on!

Normally, I would whiten my teeth before special occasions...but I have noticed my coffee and wine is catching up to me. So now I try to do brighten my smile weekly. The great thing about my routine is it is easy, I am not as high maintenance as one would think. So adding a product that is 2-10 minutes doesn't affect my schedule in the evening (or morning). I apply the strips while washing my face, applying moisturizer...etc etc...the strips are dissolved and ready for me to brush 'em! In the past, I have used products that make my teeth sensitive, this is not the case with the Rembrandt brand!

8. Dior Backstage Foundation {Full Coverage Fluid Brush} $48.00
Sometimes you save the best for last... I love a good story behind my product. We all want to experience an "experience"  right?! This elegant black wooden handle, was crafted by Raphael, a French maker of art brushes. Each hair is assembled by hand and never cut. It is wonderful for buffing in your concealor for a flawless look, or applying your liquid foundation for a fuller coverage. Either way, it's pretty to look at!

Enjoy the sunny weather this week!

Priscilla Francine

Adrianna // ModCloth // San Francisco

Meet Adrianna. This little lady was super sweet, her mood was bubbly and intoxicating. While I curled her hair in the ModCloth studio she told me stories of her summer...and divulged her dreams for the future. I was inspired by her happy-go-lucky spirit...she had the best smile!! Her makeup for the stylebook was simple and chic: Grey smokey eyes, plum blush, and a berry lip color.

Try Christian Dior's '3 Couleurs' in Smokey Black 091 to get Adrianna's eyes!  
My go to blush for any occasion.... Sin by Nars

A long day requires a long-lasting lip color. Adrianna is wearing Keep It Red by Maybelline

Stop by the ModCloth website for a little Fall Fashion shopping!

Priscilla Francine

ModCloth: Making the Cut with Susan Koger

When ModCloth's creative stylist Annie asked me to do makeup for the Make the Cut SOO I was beyond excited because the model was their very own Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Susan Koger. She was very down to earth and really sweet. I loved watching her with Winston at the end (so cute!)

I played around with multiple lip colors, but was consistent in choosing pink hues for a fresh and youthful look for her... we went from pastel pink all the way to a fuchsia. The lighter the lip-the lighter the eye... we gradually increased the look of the liner as the outfits became dressier. Liz Callahan designed my personal favorite dress which was super girly.

What's your favorite look on Susan?


Flawless Skin

One of the most important things to learn about makeup application is how to achieve a flawless face. ModCloth employee, Molly, was a great face model so I'm going to walk you through the steps before eyes and lips with her. First things first, learn your skin type-Most women are a combination of oily and dry, so I use multiple products to prep the skin to compliment each concern:

1. Prep the skin with Laura Mercier's Secret Finish-Mattifying liquid gel, concentrating on the T-Zone, or wherever skin is the most oily.
2. Apply an invisible creamy gel, like Laura Mercier's Oil Free Foundation Primer or Hydrating Foundation Primer on the entire face to help foundation last longer and lay natural on the skin.
3. The next step is optional, but my favorite...I love the effect Laura Mercier's Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer adds to the dull, dark, or dry skin. (Especially in photos! It adds a beautiful glow to the skin!) I only apply this product under the eyes, maybe a little on the apples of the cheeks, or anywhere necessary to add life to the face.

4. Hide dark circles or any pigmentation on the face with Estee Lauder's Double Wear Concealer
5. Shake and than Spray Dior's Airflash Foundation on a flat, blunt-cut brush and buff onto the skin.
6. Add shape to the face by contouring under your cheekbone, top of the forehead, nose, chin, and under the jaw with a matte bronzer. 
7. Add a rosy hue of color to the apple of the cheek, overlapping the bronzer just a bit.
8. Highlight the inside of the nose and sweep Soft Tints by Smashbox over the blush and bronzer. *A great trick to add volume to your lips...dust the shimmery powder in the bow of your upper lip!
9. Highlight under your eyebrow to lift and open up the eye, using Highbrow by Benefit.

10. Softly blend into the eye with a cream shadow brush, or your fingers.

Wedding Season is here-and ModCloth spent all of last week indulging it's readers in Momentous Marrry-ment! I was a guest artist, featured on their blog for the special occasion. Now that you have read all about the first steps to beautiful skin, check out my updated version of Pretty Pastel makeup to finish your look. It's a great look for any bride, bridesmaid, or wedding guest! 

Priscilla Francine

Full of 'Prom'-ise: Formal Styles That'll Make You Wanna Dance!

The biggest event of high school is prom! Maybe not for the boys, but prom is like a mini-wedding for a girl... the search for the perfect dress (that no one else has), hair extensions, mani and pedi with your 15 closest girlfriends, tanning,  booking your hair and makeup appointment... finding a location to take pictures, renting a limo... the after party....oh and don't forget about that corsage!

I had the pleasure of dolling up clothing designer, and model, Lily for Modcloth's "Full of Prom'-ise" Shop our outfits photo shoot. 

Look #1 "Romantic" 
-Wear the hair down, create loose curls and set with Hold Firm Hairspray by Living Proof.  
-Use Bobbi Brown's Rich Lip Color, in Bikini Pink for a long lasting chic look.
-Channel your inner girly-girl with a soft glow by using Bobbi Brown's Rose Shimmer Brick.

Look #2 "Beautiful & Bold"
-Pull your hair up and to the side in a pony tail, and go crazy pinning victory rolls wherever your heart desires!
-Pucker up that pout and paint on Impassioned by MAC.
-Bat your Alexia FAUX Lashes at the boys!

Look #3 "Iconic"
-Winged eyeliner tutorial HERE.
-No need to touch-up if you line your lips with MAC's Pro Longwear Lip pencil in What a Blast.
-Make a statement in Morange lip color by MAC.

What will you be wearing for prom this year????


Not just any ol' Birthday

Timelines were very important to me in my younger years. I enjoyed planning out my life, and giving myself deadlines of when I needed to achieve certain things. Today is my birthday, not just any ol' birthday, but a date that I gave myself a deadline for a few things. Ironically I have not achieved what I thought was important, but much more than I could have dreamed of...

While I could tell you about my well deserved fine lines of wisdom, and give you some product knowledge on a great ant-aging (full body) cream...I though it would be fun to reminisce on what I have accomplished this last year, and say thank you to those who supported me along the way. 

 Fleur Envy with Ashley Maxwell and Danielle Derksen
Modcloth with Kristin Cofer
Style Me Pretty with Ashley Bats and Taylor Sterling.
Glitter Guide
...I can't wait to share a surprise!!!
My beautiful Brides and their families -BellaLu Photography

This past year went by so fast... Thank you to my dear friends and family who are so accommodating to my crazy schedule, and lastly but oh-so-very important... Thank you to my loving husband who is my number one fan. While today marks the deadline of some things I needed to accomplish... I have accomplished more than I could have dreamed of with you by my side. Thanks for loving me, and for letting our house be consumed by makeup!

I can't wait to celebrate.